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Trick or Treat?

Posted on 2006.11.03 at 15:14
Current Music: Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett
Backdated to 31st October 2006

Ryssa parked up the car and checked her hair in the mirror, giggling to herself at the way it was piled messily high on her head. She added a few last minute touches to the dark make up around her eyes and got out, retrieving her gifts from the back seat and teetering towards Pete’s front door in spiky shoes higher than she was used to wearing usually, and she wasn’t a stranger to heels.

The front of the house was as it normally was, and Ryssa’s brow furrowed as she frowned. She knew from conversations they had had over the months that Halloween was bigger than Christmas for him, and to see his house in darkness when she had expected it to be lit with pumpkins and lights, and ghosts on strings was a little unsettling. But then with him being a celebrity, maybe he had to keep it low key.

She wasn’t expected. They’d talked on the phone a few days before when she’d still been down in Napier, and she hadn’t expected to get back in time for his birthday, so when she had, she’d decided to surprise him.

She took a deep breath and knocked soundly on the door, feeling a little out of place now in her Helles Belle costume. She knocked again, relieved when she heard movement inside the house. The porch light went on and the door was opened, revealing a hall decked out just the way she had imagined it would be and she grinned at a surprised Pete.

“Happy Halloween!! Happy Birthday!!” She held up the Vampire wine in one hand and the two tacky skull goblets in the other and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. “Trick or treat? I didn’t bring food, but Paris gave me the number of a hellishly good pizza place, if you feel like ordering in to celebrate?”

Pete stared, a flat out, bug eyed, bordering on rude stare. He couldn't help it. Ryssa looked.... well, ravishing wasn't exactly the right word, but there was a big part of Pete's brain that thought the grisly looking girl tempting him with high camp and pizza was about the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen.

"Why thank you! Yes, I'm celebrating the fact that I've managed to claw my way another year closer to decrepitude. Come in, my beauty, if you dare." Pete made a show of sweeping his arm and bowing in a grand gesture. "Pizza of the damned, blood red wine, and a woman to share it all with... it's enough to send me to an early grave." Pete kicked a tombstone that just happened to be planted in the center of his living room, complete with a mound of red earth heaped in front of it. He'd been planning to replace that carpet anyway, so why not have some fun? "Just step over Uncle Edgar here, and I'll find you a phone so you can seal my culinary fate."

Pete chuckled as he handed over his cellphone, subtly taking Ryssa's hand to lead her down the hall towards his private theater. "And perhaps I can ply you with the offer of a nice movie while we dine?"

If you need to ask what sort of movie collection a man like Peter Jackson might have in his home.... you probably aren't prepared for the answer.

Happy Halloween to All!


Ryssa and Paris: "So there is a guy!"

Posted on 2006.09.04 at 14:16
Current Location: Ryssa's place
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Current Music: James Blunt - In Flowers
Takes place a couple of days after Pete and Ryssa have dinner together

Paris pulled up outside of Ryssa’s place and parked the truck before loping up the stairs and knocking on the door. She called out that the door was open and he let himself in, glancing at his watch as he sauntered through to the living room. They were cutting it fine to get to the potential client’s place with their plans and estimates, and Paris helped Ryssa gather what she needed as he glanced around at several large vases of colourful blooms.

"Are the flowers from the roses guy?" Paris pried.

"Yes they are. We had dinner here on Saturday and these arrived on Monday morning." Ryssa saw no need to hide anything from Paris anymore.

"Ah ha, so there is a guy!" Paris grinned triumphantly.

"Yes, there’s a guy." Ryssa rolled her eyes. "He was an acquaintance when he sent the roses, now he’s … " She considered what exactly Pete was as Paris slid his arm round her shoulders and propelled her in the direction of the door, knowing an incoming ramble when he heard one.

"My boyfriend? Hmmm … that sounds so teenage. My beau? Too formal. We’re courting?" Ryssa continued to muse things over as they climbed into the truck and Paris started the engine.

"Seeing each other? I’ve always thought that was such a wishy washy term. Involved? Yes, that fits."

"So does this guy you’re involved with have a name?"

"Hmmm? Yes, he’s called Pete. Peter Jackson."

Paris stalled the truck.


Ryssa and Paris: Doodling

Posted on 2006.01.13 at 00:40
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
Current Music: The Rose - Bette Midler
Ryssa sits at the table in the warehouse, her pencils and notes and photographs of Mrs Wilson’s bedroom scattered around. There’s still been no word as to whether they got the contract for the beach house, so when someone called looking for a bedroom makeover, she was happy to take it on.

Paris wanders through with two steaming mugs of coffee and she smiles her thanks, leaving it to cool while she concentrates on what she’s doing. Only her concentration isn’t exactly on the job at hand.

RosesCollapse )

Looking over London

Ryssa, Karl and Paris: Meetings and arrangements

Posted on 2005.12.09 at 01:17
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Ryssa: I finally persuaded Paris to abandon our usual haunt in favour of that quirky little café Sweet Pete introduced me to, and I can see by his face that he isn’t disappointed. I grin smugly as he finishes off his raspberry pastry.

Paris: Washing down the pastry with a gulp of coffee, I smile at the self-satisfied look on your face. “Okay, okay, I give in. This is way better than Starbucks.” We both reach for our jackets and I pick up the check, paying it while you pull yours on and we wander out into the street. “So you still on for dinner tomorrow night?”

Ryssa: Absolutely. I can't wait to meet the stud muffin that is David Wenham.Collapse )

Looking over London

Ryssa and Pete: Flying free ...

Posted on 2005.11.01 at 14:18
Current Mood: goodgood
Current Music: Roy Orbison - Pretty Woman
It’s a warm day.

I put the bits and pieces I bought this morning in the trunk of the car and decided to go for a walk, wandering aimlessly around the streets of my new home, noting where various stores and shops of interest are, checking out a couple of little clothes shops that I found. There’s a couple of little deli’s too, and I decided to treat myself to something tasty on the way back. When I turn the next corner, I find myself on the edge of a park, and continue my wandering along its broad paths, reminded of walks through Hyde Park. But I push the memories away. I need new ones, ones that aren’t attached to a man with pale hair and dark eyes …

There’s an ice-cream seller not far ahead and by the time I reach him, the small crowd of kids surrounding him has been served, and I ask him for a vanilla cornet. He pushes a chocolate flake into the two scoops of ice-cream and hands it to me with a wink, taking the note I give him and giving me my change. I’m still not used to this new currency; it’s different, like so many other things. Not outlandishly different, but just enough to remind me that I’m halfway around the world from everything I know.

A familiar buzzing sound brings me out of my musings, a sound I haven’t heard for a long time.

A model plane.

I look out over a wide expanse of grass and sure enough, there it is, swooping and diving around. So I wander in that direction, licking at my ice cream and nibbling on my flake. It’s easy to get engrossed in watching it, and before I know it, I’m almost standing next to the guy flying it.

Giving him a friendly smile I watch as he brings it into land.Collapse )